Public Safety

Without the safety of our communities, schools, businesses, and citizens nothing else even matters.  It is paramount that we protect the safety of the public.  Sam has a proven history of fighting for more police officers, Sheriff Deputies and police services in our community.  Having lost his home to fire as a teenager Sam understands the need for, and strongly supports, our firefighters and paramedics.  Sam will work with our County Sheriff to make sure we are tough on crime yet compassionate to make sure those with mental illness get the needed treatment to make our Snohomish County safe. 

As the former Chair of the Snohomish County Health District, Sam understands the heroin and opioid epidemic and homelessness facing our community, it affects every family in some way. Sam believes in a comprehensive approach that includes both public health, community services, and law enforcement.

Safer Highways And Streets

We all know friends and relatives who have been killed, hurt, or in an accident along our highway corridors.  Sam will continue to fight for highway safety /barrier improvements and additional highway capacity. We need more than a couple of signs that read, “00 days since last serious crash" on Highway 2. Sam continues to push hard to add a second route or more capacity between Monroe and Gold Bar.

Safety does not just mean increasing lanes, it also means adding crosswalks, wider shoulders, and pedestrian overpasses.

Highway 522 was known in readers digest years ago as one of our states deadliest highways and is still unfinished.  The 4 lane to 2 lane and back to 4 lane hourglass shape is not only a safety issue, it is terrible for the commuters sitting in traffic when they could be home spending time with their families.

The Trestle needs to be updated with additional capacity and safety. Sam has been a strong advocate for Public/Private Partnerships on new routes like the 526 extension. 

Highways are our states responsibility.  The legislature has recently passed a transportation package that still leaves many of the needed safety and traffic improvements ignored.  This is especially true along Highways 2, 9 and Highway 522.  The state hasn't completed their responsibility, and we  have finally under Sam's leadership have made these routes a County Legisislative priority at the state level.  Sam will work hard to make sure we get the needed safety improvements to our streets at the county level and to our highways at the state level.

Fiscal Responsibility

Sam will continue to make sure our working families' hard earned money is spent fairly and wisely at the county level. Sam pushed hard to renovate the current County Courthouse with existing funds instead of building a new one.  This has saved the tax payers easily over $100 Million dollars on a new County Courthouse. 

Continued Community Education

Sam believes funding state education is the paramount duty of the state.   As a Lake Stevens resident, and then a city Council Member, Sam has always made it a point to attend school tours hosted by our school superintendents.  As a former school teacher, Sam knows how important it is to have our schools and communities work together not only to educate our K-12 students but also to have community education classes for the greater good of our community. 

Protecting Private Property

Sam is a strong supporter of your private property rights.  Sam is also a firm believer in opening up access to places like the Sky Valley Wilderness Area.  Many times because of 1-2% of the users leaving trash and debris we spend massive amounts of money patrolling and closing access to the trails and wilderness areas.  Sam would rather the state spend that same funding to keep areas open and removing the trash. 

Helping Our Veterans And Seniors

Both of Sam's grandfathers fought in WW2. Sam's parents were both Marines.  As a county, we need to do our part in reaching out and helping our veterans and seniors with existing resources.  Sam is thankful for groups like Senior Services who do so much to help those in need. 

Protecting The Environment

Sam has shown he is not afraid to get in the car and head to Olympia to stand up for our County.  We must be better at protecting our environment which includes our air, water, lakes and streams. Protection is not about keeping us from using those resources, but rather making sure we use each in a responsible matter.  Many times extremists have turned environmental issues into a losing proposition for both our businesses and citizens. The key to Sam's continued policy is balance and responsibility.